Information about Family Violence provided by Our Houston Domestic Violence Law Firm

Image of a CourtroomViolence that occurs within the family is a serious situation that has a long-lasting effect on everyone involved. Family violence is extremely dangerous and in order to protect you and your children from further harm, it is important to seek a Houston family violence attorney who will be able to help keep you safe.

John K. Grubb is a Houston family violence attorney who will be able to establish and obtain a court issued restraining order that will help to protect you and your children from any further harm. He will also be able to help you determine what laws have been violated, what form of compensation can be sought and help with the divorce process.

Domestic violence can take many forms, including emotional, physical and sexual. The damages left from family violence can leave visible scars, injuries and permanent disabilities, as well as non-visible emotional scars that have detrimental psychological and emotional effects. It is important to work with a Houston family violence lawyer from John K. Grubb and Associates who is going to understand and help you through the serious and dangerous situations that are involved with domestic violence.

If you would like more information, please contact our Houston domestic violence law firm to set up a consultation. More information about Texas domestic violence can be found by visiting:

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