Houston Family Violence Information provided by the Houston Domestic Violence Law firm of John K. Grubb & Associates, PC

Image of a CourtoomDomestic violence can have a devastating emotional and physical toll on all family members. In Houston, family violence includes any form of emotional, physical, sexual, economic or physiological abuse that is inflicted by a family member on another family member. It can include kidnapping, sexual battery, assault, stalking, battery, false imprisonment, sexual assault and murder.

The Effects of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has long-lasting and far-reaching effects on the family involved. As social workers and Houston family violence attorneys can attest, the individuals affected by family violence can face years of devastating psychological and emotional problems, such as anxiety and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

The effects of family violence also take the form of physical injuries, which can leave life-long scars and disabilities. These disabilities can lead to a lower quality of life as well as expensive medical bills and missed work or school.

Domestic violence can impact social, school and work life. The children may live in fear of the abuser, who may show up on school grounds or at social events. The abuser may also appear at work, causing a potential for loss of employment.

If You Have Been Abused

Family violence reaches into every aspect of life. It is very important to contact the caring and experienced Houston family violence law firm of John K. Grubb and Associates. A competent and professional attorney will be available to help you regain control of your life and live in safety.

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