What to Do If You’re a Victim of Domestic Violence

Let our Houston Domestic Violence Lawyers Help

Image of GavelIf you have been abused by your spouse or another family member or significant other, you need to seek help immediately to protect yourself and your children. The Houston family violence attorney at John K. Grubb & Associates, P.C. are familiar with the warning signs of abuse and are available to help you if you are in danger.

Seek Help If You Are In Immediate Danger

If you are in immediate danger, you must leave immediately, if possible, and call the police. Most police officers are trained to handle domestic violence and will help you stop your abuser from hurting you further. You may love your abusive family member and you may feel that he or she will think you are betraying his or her trust, but your safety and well-being are more important. If your abuser truly loved you, he or she would not be hurting you.

Make a Safety Plan to Protect Yourself from Future Abuse

If you are being abused, the best option is to find a new place to live where your abuser cannot hurt you. However, it is not also possible to do this and, in such situations, you must make a safety plan to protect yourself and your children from future abuse. This includes:

  • Finding a location to hide in your house if you are attacked;
  • Preparing an escape route;
  • Planning how you would get away in an emergency;
  • Identifying a place where you can stay if you need to leave quickly;
  • Keeping emergency cash and clothing in a safe location, such as at a friend’s house;
  • Memorizing a list of emergency phone numbers
  • Opening a bank account where you can store some money that your abuser cannot access;
  • Having a bag ready with medicine, important document, credit cards and any legal documents;

Taking these actions in advance can help you in the event of an emergency. When you are around your abuser, you should be careful to watch for signs that he or she is becoming upset and, if necessary, you should find a reasonable excuse to leave before things escalate.

If you have been subjected to domestic violence, the best thing to do is to avoid the abuser. If you need assistance getting a restraining order or taking other legal action against your abuser, a Houston domestic violence lawyer at John K. Grubb & Associates, P.C. is available to assist you. For further information, contact a Houston family violence attorney at our firm today.

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